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"The day yu" mobile game download FAQ first test
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"The day yu" mobile game is about to open the iOS end on August 16 test for the first time! Believe that many players for the game, ten believe everyone to download and install package reservation rewards, etc, have some questions. Small make up today will bring you day yu mobile game first download the FAQ, hope I can help to you. Day yu mobile game for the first time test early download FAQ: The day yu mobile game yu see first to 12:00 on August 16th, August 22 23:59, download is now open. This test qualifications have opened query, and download link and activation code will be distributed to make an appointment on August 15 days the mailbox, please pay attention to a home. Note: since the TF test version for [informal] [incomplete] early version of the resource of fine arts (NPC model and scene model, etc.) and quality of the game are not final shape, experience the bug it may exist at the same time. "The day yu" mobile game official to meet with you for the first time, there are many immature place, please understanding. For testing qualification you have any questions or advice for game, BUG feedback, welcome to join the test group communication feedback, there will be a development team members within the group to communicate and exchange with you. We will continue to improve in the future, and strive to optimize the experience, let cloud hanging mainland more what you'd expect. Use paper folding the official account to log in the game, with the iOS and android client account the role of the client to generate information independently. TestFlight download guide Step 1: make sure that have received E-mail from TestFlight Check your booking games left in the mailbox, and find the sender for TestFlight, heading for the mobile game has invited you to the test "day yu" mail. The title of this E-mail, the sender and body content is shown in figure 1. Ensure that after received the email, proceed to step 2. [figure 1: the mail from TestFlight] Step 2: download and install TestFlight If your device has a TestFlight this App, skip to step 3. Install TestFlight there are two ways, one is directly the E-mail mentioned in step 1, click on the "View in TestFlight", then click on the blue words link "TestFlight from App Store", the system will guide you to download TestFlight App Store, as shown in figure 2. [figure 2: downloaded from TestFlight mail jump TestFlight] Another way is directly in the App Store to search and download the Test Flight ". [figure 3: search "TestFlight" in the App Store and download] Step 3: download the day yu in TestFlight Login using iOS devices TestFlight, click the "Redeem", in the input box of pop-up input from TestFlight activation code in the email, click Redeem. [on TestFlight figure 4: activate the day yu] After the TestFlight click INSTALL button in the main interface, can begin to download and INSTALL the day yu (WiFi environment must be download). [figure 5: install the game] Note: TestFlight download will take longer, please be patient and don't repeat click install. If no response after click "install", you can try on the main screen click on the icon you are setting up. Figure 6: try in main screen click on the icon you are setting up] Step 4: open after the official games Game download is completed without activation code, open after 12:00 on August 16, using the booking email log in game experience, I wish everyone have a good time! [figure 7: click on the screen to enter the game] Relevant recommendations: Want to download the day yu players can click here:
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