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The ace fighter enchants ninja around after the game
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Ace fighter enchants ninja is a burst damage of high hero, enchants ninja created her unique skills mechanism of flexibility, let her to be more rapid shuttle on the battlefield. Small make up to bring you the next is enchants ninja around and cut back game strategy, and see it together. Enchants ninja around after the game Start thinking: a small iron belongs to raid positioning, good at struck crispy harassment. Only 200 blood her positive, don't try to just can run to higher ground or partial door when games start, Teammates to positive position, so as to obtain the enemy vision, cut out again is not late, if you want to quickly kill opponents had put the front two places at once, with broken hidden blow 80 seconds after segmentation, Again hit 80 damage, through to attack can cut off a c. Start when there is a train of thought is ran over to the opposite way put busy, pay attention to draw out a sword cut area damage, If the first wave hit two people's blood, just out of the corner can not come over, across the street, even saw the first time, They also have to spend a little time to make sure you are busy (muzzle into points on display is busy, but also need a second or two), but this moment you can use stealth around after already. The first wave of advantage are important strongholds occupation. Out of use: this is needless to say, high damage over who with who knows, but with a big recruit don't try so hard. If play stronghold occupied as we know, Once a wipe will enter the opposite to the resurrection of more than 20 seconds, and will come together, we can wait on the corner of the positive export, guess good time, bring big with small skills, Small skills erection run out with this regard, such as see across the busy throwing weapon when it was too late, and you were at last can make them a wipe again. Want to stability, Can also be small skills to the opposite direction, in the corner that after using small skills transfer to escape, to sit tight. Anyway, that is best in a lot of people crossing, narrow places will let the enemy under. Pay more attention to game information can & gt; & gt; & gt;
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