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Tom and jerry: joy interactive hand YouXueLi skills add some strategy
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In this: interactive mobile game, joy Shirley as a new mouse, its strength is very strong. So this interactive hand YouXueLi skills how to add some joy? Below small make up to bring us the cat and mouse: joy interactive hand YouXueLi skills add some strategy, and have a look together. This hand YouXueLi skills add some strategy: Team, first points out the compassion, to the core team, ceiling, means that most of the mice as long as not meet the black cats can withstand both the temporary don't know if I can keep friendly relations with all the mice. So, calculate by a, keep the core in no case black cat two knives. 1. Love Estimates are two knife with a little blood. 2. The flower is aspersed Can with h. negative state. Priority three skills are points out, and then secondary passive. With three levels of knowledge card, combined with passive bonus, treatment is an instant thing. If snow pear to give in to the team, of course, walk the cat technology the best that I feel right, such as the last one cheese, cats to do his duty, snow pear can be standing in the room a relatively high or relatively bad cats get places don't have to push, Others hard one single push resistance, resistance to live a knife immediately find snow pear, another person up to continue to push again. Of course this is only a theoretical, unless the cat in the final cheese die after snow pear. I think this is a rather abnormal mice, treatment with 2 or 3 seconds at most time, flower is aspersed immune smoke to reverse. During the hole in the wall, also can need not appear hit a hole in the wall fixed point, or to move more, ACTS as a pool of blood, plus the flower is aspersed immune, With reverse can in general, a good smoke, to protect a "pool of blood". As long as it's not rage, during the hole in the wall, get a knife immediately find snow pear, and then go back to continue. Just like the devil, for a role in pushing the finally a cheese is also very awesome, return marker is a shield, has been pushing brush shield the cheese. 3. Love to give I think the team can be handed over to pirate, if late a magnitude 8. Passive level 2, flower is aspersed level 2, level with the compassion, can greatly improve the maximum value, combined with the treatment of snow pear reply, will be in a hole in the wall of time is very comfortable. Just to give it a try, may go out the devil's sales, snow pear of xiang may let the devil also comfortable many, flower is aspersed directly remove negative effect, the devil's just show up.   I feel snow pear, greater strength requirements to the cat's rage knowledge card, efficient negative immune response to treatment, only rage can solve. Flower is aspersed to eliminate state really god, caught the don't in a hurry run, immediately put a flower to asperse, cat enough cooling time you put the flower is aspersed clear negative state, can guarantee in addition to the black cats, other cats to get two knives. I feel strong functional the mice. Related guide > > > Want to download the machine this mobile game players can the right link to download oh: > > > >
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