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Tom and jerry: joy interactive mobile game play strategy "fireworks" against
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In the "cat and mouse: joy interactive mobile game, is the new" fireworks "against one of the more interesting game, mainly is the activity of breathtaking rescue the canary. So this joy interactive mobile game how to play "fireworks" against? Below small make up to bring us the cat and mouse: joy interactive mobile game play strategy "fireworks" against. This mobile game play "fireworks" against strategy: Canary was trapped, the little mouse battle righteousness In Tom and jerry cartoon, canary is one of the best friend of jerry, in times of crisis has repeatedly with flight advantages help jerry. Canary has unfortunately be Tom, whenever this time, jerry will battle righteousness help! In the new "fireworks" against "play, canary was unfortunately was captured and put into the prison, cat rat camp heard this news, soon come to rescue, and cat also put down the hongmen banquet, trying to all mice majestic! Mr. Big showdown, burning fireworks break prison Canary trapped within the solid cage, the cat is outside the cage, the mice to accomplish this seemingly impossible task? Solution to the violence absolutely beyond your imagination - set the cage blast! Cat for prisoner canary in the room, was originally used to hold off firecrackers, bombs, such as blasting material storage room, careless cats in the room, lost a lot of, the mice can use these items to realize the goal! Game props will refresh over time, the first time, after initial refresh every 90 seconds to refresh some firecrackers. Other props and bombs, bubble machine, large shield potions and explosive pile, the explosion class props can not only be used in cat and mouse interaction, can also be used to attack, destroy after prison, you can save the canary! Scene more mini, close cat and mouse However, despite the props help, rat camp also not sewn, the reason why the sly cat cage in an airtight room, to compress the mouse activity space, four mice must be face to face with a cat, at the same time of high risk, also can be faster to interact and relief. Rats camp the cage in the play, destruction, rescued the canary after victory, while cats need to ensure that the canary not rescued in game time can win, if we can release all mice, it is victory. In "fireworks" against "play cat and mouse blood, the effects of props, flying speed can be adjusted, such as the balance of power in order to make sure the cat and mouse camps, to make more suspense. Canary trapped cage, rat camp sent reinforcements, cat camp defend to the death! Joy interactive mobile game new play "fireworks" against "Tom and jerry will come, come and experience the gorgeous fireworks in the summer and the interaction of cat and mouse fun!!!! Related guide > > > Want to download the machine this mobile game players can click on the right side of the link to download oh: > > > >
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