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"Xuanyuan sword: dragon dance yunshan" coloured glaze will united explanation
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": the dragon dance yunshan" is domestic famous LAN IP xuanyuan jian branch of a mobile game, many xuanyuan sword game enthusiasts watches, that has many factions in the game for us to choose. Many players are not aware that this game of coloured glaze will factions how, let below small make up to tell you. The xuanyuan sword: dragon dance yunshan coloured glaze will united explanation: A, is introduced 1. The original characters with a red and black luxuriant style is so seize person eyeball, on the right side are brief introduce and colored glaze can attribute to. 2. The united stations in changan, stations within each big jade gold ingot bright the eyes of the blind man, can not help but imagination ~ coloured glaze must be wealthy drops of the Lord. Second, the united properties Properties pane: on the left is the character image, on the right is the detailed numerical parameters On the right side of the detailed numerical parameters include: Three attributes: 1. The ghost of Yin and Yang changes according to the skills, skills in detail below). 2. Basic properties: see from basic properties of coloured glaze will positioning is give priority to attack, but also need to strengthen the speed and by upgrading add some basic properties will change. 3. Advanced properties: mainly through carrying equipment, strengthening equipment, refining equipment. Three, genre 1. The system has given us divided into two schools: physical output and team, as long as the distribution of choice, good skills collocation, the design is quite close, let beginners from skills to choose the difficulties) 2. Of course you also can undertake collocation according to his be fond of Sweet tip: each skill has function of note (a single attack, attack, gain, debuffs), in addition with attributes of each skill and equipment skills after which point is the highest attribute (coloured glaze have initial 5 ghost, other skills where everyone can clearly see below) Four, skills Five, the fashion Now filar silk with fashion dyed a rendering, lavender is more attractive to look Relevant recommendations: To learn more united strategy gamers can poke the right oh Want to download the xuanyuan sword: dragon dance yunshan players can poke the right oh
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