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The ace fighter game strategy of silver
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Ace is warrior skills shooting mobile phone games, today small make up to bring us the boc is game play strategy. Ace fighter for the bank of China? Ace fighter silver how to play? Ace fighter silver game take what gift? The following and cow game small make up together and see it. Ace fighter silver strategy Silver this sister to origins, its familiar is not high, with any role in public games is disadvantage to spell, this should be a black hero of how to in public games. First 6 yuan can get, also send skin and stickers, can say very affordable, will buy items. The skills of silver Passive: blood when helping to accelerate. Little skill: energy blocks That is the space, can add a shield to himself and his teammates, also heals itself, attachment can also cause damage to the enemy. The characteristics of weapon damage is low, often one shuttle bullet off to kill people. With low damage, h. shield these options, obviously the role of silver in combat is certainly not the output position, The limited scope and skill to float the set of all tell you, to be moving up. Position face to run to jump to twist. Touch behind the enemy, the enemy base walk. Because you have the skills to h., plus there are all kinds of blood bags on the map, in the mobile speed, endurance and the ability to hide the bullet are strong. So you just into battle, is the opposite face to face and dance. Like a dragon, blasting wind this kind of roles are only 30 + x bullets, and you add talent has 60 hair, so you don't have to worry about completely against the bullet's embarrassment, side hit to the side to avoid each other's bullets, open your monthly bleeding energy blocks. Circles, such as the other party after the bullet, you can accept the man's head. Hit against the sniper best, because the general snipers killed crispy also want two shots, and as long as you open h. array can you resist 3 gun, oneself again with armor or supplies blood, and can resist all around, and you it is the role of one unit, basic is the face, the sniper predators. Meets the bigger the two roles, can fly a kite, can't let the ran, itself can run fast. Add blood run, don't die, because low damage, dozen meat shield is estimated to two shuttle bullet. Passers-by, teammate ugly command group, so you big moves. To save his monthly bleeding, or a little for his teammates like together, can be opened and then one unit, with the good is the opposite of the nightmare. So many shield. Must use of their talents, let the other person's attention is focused on you, so can sharply higher chance of winning. There is every game down, salve, assists Strengthen talent I recommend is the number of bullets, treatment, and storage of accelerated. Will definitely order strengthen treatment, in this way can you circles and other hard just standing up. Supplies recommended treatment, shield, you also want to save at the front. Pay more attention to game information can click & gt; & gt; & gt;
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