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"Xuanyuan sword: dragon dance yunshan" silk road game explanation
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In dragon dance yunshan, the silk road as the name suggests is the format for your shipping, shipping will get different evaluation after also have different rewards. The silk road, how to play? What are the rules? Might as well let small make up to explain in detail for you, help you smoothly. The xuanyuan sword: dragon dance yunshan silk road play a: A, the silk road is introduced 1. The silk road settlement every week, on Monday to open a new; 2. Shipping will get a beginning of the evaluation, this evaluation will have an attribute, each person may be different, could affect the luck of the week. Diagram is as follows: wealth, can make the initial funding increased by 30%. Of course there are other, such as, make negotiation success rate of 5%; Warehouse box can period, make the initial position + 10%. Second, the docking port needs to be done 1. At a port of the here and there will be an official introduction some information, sometimes you will be prompted local specialty; Warm prompt: specialty is a good thing, little xia if selling specialty in mind can be here, and the price is lower price, excellent quality and reasonable price. 2. Each port have three tasks: three choose one, very much, after the completion of the can get certain rewards or props. 3. The task if you have "business intelligence" is the best choose it. Intelligence somewhere like get some material, we can buy in advance, before buying to negotiate, to use low price to buy the goods; 4. If met events in shipping on the way to get some supplies, if in the next few port all have no, we can sell for more money to buy other goods at once. 5. Paying attention to their own positions change sailing (especially after a period of time), if position can't satisfy the present situation of the goods to be open in time and warehouse 6. The hall of fame can view the list, to see their grades. 7. The daily supply quantity is limited, set sail time will consume a supply. Supply if the number is 0, the sailing day is over. Part of the three, the enclosed list (update) in succession Field "events" in the image below, the information such as business intelligence may be a random event, and this data is only applicable to two test, later versions may change, only for reference. (but from here we can see the importance of business intelligence) Relevant recommendations: Want to download the xuanyuan sword: dragon dance yunshan players can poke the right oh
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