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The ace fighter enchants ninja to fit strategy
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Ace fighter enchants ninja is a burst damage of high hero, enchants ninja created her unique skills mechanism of flexibility, let her to be more rapid shuttle on the battlefield. Small make up to bring you the next is enchants ninja overhand strategy game, and see it together. Enchants ninja strategy Ace fighter has been opened on August 13, 2019, don't delete file test, into the game, you will get a lively exciting battle experience. But in the face of many players, many novice players don't know how to choice, some want to steady, some want to show. But chose to show the players don't know how to get started. I attended two closed, the mechanism and some tips. Then today, we come to discuss ace fighter in the woman - enchants ninja Enchants ninja ferrous wind small small iron (the following abbreviation), look at her muscles and the ruthless can see small iron is not easy. Yes, she is also tricky part in the game, using multiple summons and broken hidden blow after the mentality explosion can kill. Is the role of small iron raids, advantage is stealth, multiple displacement, and stealth after playing the first attack can cause additional damage (hidden blow). Small iron attack was thrown out of the hands of the sword, so the disadvantage is that shot speed is slow, attack range is not wide Above is a small iron skill configuration: 1. The small skill is running forward to release a doppelganger, skill button again can be transmitted to the body, and two places at once in the running state encounter the enemy or skills after the duration will be use to draw out a sword to cut, draw out a sword to cut will cause harm to 100; 2. The big move need to recharge, effect is in situ summon a member and the member will be thrown forward lots of concealed weapon, high sustained damage, click the skill button again will be immediately sent to the points; Passive: broken blow, Cain said the release size skills will be sent out in front of the two places at once, and released into stealth busy itself will, about five or six seconds, transfer to points will also enter the similar to just stealth. Stealth in the first attack can cause additional damage. Actual data: attack damage 45, blow 80 Cain, draw out a sword to cut 100, big recruit last 30 damage all over the sky Pay more attention to game information can click & gt; & gt; & gt;
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